Romena Lengvinaite

I am a professional accordionist with Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium. I have been playing accordion for 18 years and piano for 10 years.

From the very young days in Lithuania, I have been actively participating in various concerts, competitions and festivals. I won awards at the international competitions in Lithuania, Italy, Latvia and Poland. One of the biggest achievements was the award from the President of Lithuania twice, as well as being in the Book of Honour at the Klaipeda Stasys Simkus Conservatorium.

During my studies in Copenhagen, I have been working on various projects, attending at the masterclasses with professors from all around the world, performing in chamber and collaborating with composers.

My pedagogy experience varies between different student ages and nationalities. I have been teaching students in Lithuania, where I helped them to prepare for concerts and competitions. During my study years I had students from Denmark and America. All of them had different level and wishes for their goals. I have been using different teaching strategies, which lead students to get the best result.


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